The Tipping Point

by Owen K Waters

The stages of the development of human consciousness range all the way from caveman to cosmic consciousness.

In the long journey through human evolution, there are six basic stages followed by six spiritual ones. Until modern times, reaching spiritual consciousness has always been a challenge for humanity. Today, however, humanity as a whole stands in the latter part of the fifth of the twelve stages. This is the mental or intellectual development stage.

Meanwhile, every day people are making the transition into stages six and seven. The Shift is gaining momentum as more and more people move into these stages, both of which are heart-centered in nature.

Stage six is the lower heart phase where community and world awareness awakens and stage seven is the upper heart phase of spiritual awakening. The doorway to spiritual consciousness is through the heart, when the person moves from stage six into stage seven.

Centuries ago, in Eastern cultures, spiritual aspirants had to dedicate themselves to long hours of daily meditation in order to reach that stage of spiritual awakening. Then, upon reaching it, they would become self-motivated to continue along the path of spiritual unfoldment.

Centuries ago, in Western cultures, the entryway into spiritual development was by adopting religious self-discipline. By limiting the diversion of selfish pursuits and focusing on deity worship, the aspirant could eventually become awakened to higher states of consciousness. Then, upon reaching that stage, they would become self-motivated to continue along the path of spiritual unfoldment.

Outwardly, the methods of finding spiritual illumination varied from East to West. The Eastern style was a more direct approach, while the Western style approached the same attunement with the Divine source differently. Both approaches required initial faith that the desired goal would be achieved after extensive effort.

Bear in mind that, in those days, spiritual seekers were very much in the minority. Most of the population were still too far from the spiritual stages of consciousness at that point to be interested in the possibility of spiritual pursuits.

Today, things are very different. Humanity as a whole stands one short step from the heart-centered consciousness that will trigger the main aspect of The Shift once critical mass is achieved. When enough people join the migration to New Reality consciousness, the tipping point will be reached and the world will be transformed.

Remember that every step you take to foster heart-centered consciousness within yourself affects the global mind atmosphere profoundly. Every time you remind a friend of their spiritual nature, you help the world move a little closer to that critical mass.

Tipping points are surprisingly easy to achieve. Just 7% of the population needs to become aware of a new trend, a new fashion or a new product in order for it to suddenly become a household word that everyone knows.

Imagine what it will mean for the whole world to pass this tipping point and suddenly know, understand, and practice seeing life through a heart-centered view of reality. Just hold that thought and give it your love and spiritual power.

Better yet, help others discover a way to create an enlightened space of consciousness for themselves while healing the world.

They can do this and help usher in the New Reality of love, light, and freedom of the spirit by practicing the Love and Light technique.

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3 thoughts on “The Tipping Point

  1. Liza

    I was given this beautiful,and wonderful positive way of thinking by my sister.
    Always will be in her debt,as my life was so full of tears, sadness and dark days.
    I love how my life has changed,and i feel that i have met for the first time my myself.
    Thank you.

  2. James Stotts

    The LIGHT is smiling upon us”all”, as we ” become” the LIGHT and LOVE we truly are! What a blessing it is, to
    be “alive” at this time on Mother Earth. Thanks for sharing your “LIGHT” Owen————Jim


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