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The Magic of the Light

In olden times, the impetus toward conscious evolution brought many people to the doorstep of magic.

This encompassed anything and everything of a non-physical nature. The power of the mind was then explored in ways that ancient Greece had never imagined, even though it was the cradle of rational thought and the expanded use of the mind in its day.

In the pursuit of magic, it became clear that mental pressure can control non-physical energies. Focused thought can attract energy, condition it, and direct it to a destination in order to achieve the desired effect.

That created a problem. The average person in those days would, given a power not enjoyed by others, use that power for advantage over others.

As a result, the enlightened schools of magic went underground. They could not be found by the idle seeker. There were external schools which taught simple, introductory material. They were actually gateways into the secret orders of the time, but only by people motivated enough to show dedication in an external school would be invited into the inner sanctum of learning.

When a student proved such dedication and, more importantly, their moral fiber, they were then allowed to learn the real power of magic.

Today, the rules are very different. We live in times of rapid change where a new and higher level of consciousness is unfolding. Gone is the need for secrecy, simply because there is no time for the old way of having students spend years proving themselves. Gone is the fear that a student will misuse the power they gain because the level of world consciousness has improved radically since the old days. Even though bad apples can still be found in many places, the average person today is a decent and caring individual.

Today, the secrets are out in plain view for all who wish to use them to improve themselves and the state of the world. Today, it is almost second nature for people to understand how to attract, condition, and send out light into the world. It is almost second nature for people to understand that the more which that passes through them, the more they will be raised in their own level of consciousness.

These truths are very near to the surface of human consciousness today, close enough for anyone intuitive to immediately grasp. What will help is an understanding of the nature of such energy and the laws that govern its behavior.

There is a science to the energy which inspires and heals with its light, one which will be covered in subsequent articles on the art and science of Light Magic.

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