The Path to Oneness

by Owen K Waters

Since the dawn of the mists of time, your immortal soul has had one great urge, and that is to reunite with the spiritual source from which you came. Along the way, you have realized that this means reaching out in spiritual service to humankind. Along the way, you have sensed that this giving of spiritual service is the very action which leads you along the pathway back to that from which you came.

By becoming your brother’s keeper in a spiritual way, you become more at one with all people and the source from which we all came. Through service to others, you also serve your own spiritual development. By loving and healing them through the use of spiritual energy, you help the spiritually blind to see the light within, you help the spiritually deaf to hear the whisperings of their souls, and you help the spiritually numb to revitalize their connection with God.

By sending them your love, by sending them your light, by helping them with this precious, spiritual energy of love and light, you heal their hearts, you heal their spirits, you heal their long-suffering souls, and you help them back onto the one great path back to Source, which we all yearn to tread.

That path is the road to reconnection to the Spirit within. That path is the one which brings you into conscious contact with the light within. That path is the reason you are here, the reason you chose to be born into a world where people feel disconnected from that very Source.

The details of how that path unfolds are unique for every individual. We all tread this path in our own way to reach the common goal of reconnection with the flame of the Spirit which shines within our hearts. It is this flame which silently beckons us on. It is this flame which lights the darkness in a world of great suffering. It is this flame which connects our souls to the one Source of all things.

When you go into the silence of meditation, even for a few moments, remember to end your session by helping the world. Dedicate your love and your light to world peace and freedom, then send this out from your heart into a world that desperately needs energy in a spiritual form.

Life energy is everywhere. Spiritually-conditioned life energy is in short supply because few people take the time to condition it with their intentions and send it out to heal the world. Once you condition the energy of life with love and light and send it out to the world, it reverberates within the global mind atmosphere of humanity, healing and uplifting many people. Its higher frequency imbues it with enormous power relative to the regular, everyday thoughts of humankind. The power of spiritual energy is such that it affects, not one, but hundreds of people at the same time.

Every time you use the Love and Light technique in dedication to world peace and freedom for all, you help hundreds of people to see life and its possibilities from a higher perspective.

When you intentionally heal the world in this way, you help many people who are not yet consciously aware of how to raise themselves up spiritually. These are people who are relying upon the enlightened vision of people like you, so that they may be helped in taking the next step into higher consciousness. So that they may be comforted and healed. So that they may gain their own conscious inner reconnection to the one Spirit from which they once came, so long ago, in the mists of time.

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7 thoughts on “The Path to Oneness

  1. Robert Acquah

    The Path to Oneness is another Masterpiece. I read it over and over again and the 3rd. time I was actually not saying it, I was praying it aloud. I was ‘in the Spirit’ as they say.
    Thank you Owen for this wonderful inspiration

  2. Lila M Cebulla

    Dear Owen,
    Thank you for your Spiritual Wisdom and Guidance. I am going through the loss of my dear husband a year ago April. I am trying to get through the days, trying to find Hope and Peace and be Positive. I miss him so much, we were together for 35 years. I am trying to understand how to go forward. I know I need to be positive and loving to all, trying to help the world. I was so happy when we were here together and felt like I was helping the world, now I am drained with grief. I wish I could connect with him and know where he is. I know this is personal but maybe someone else that reads your articles is going through Loss also and would benefit from a knowing of what is going on now.
    Thank you and Kind Regards,
    Lila in Montana

    1. Ginger

      hello dear friend Lila,
      I only read this today…
      I understand what you’re feeling. I also expierenced the same. I trust you have and are moving through your grief in the healthiest emotional way possible….
      Peace to you now…

  3. Davie Pfaffle

    Thank you, Owen, for ask for comments or questions. i always read your weekly newsletter because it is always full of Spiritual wisdom.
    My latest idea is sort of like the Celestine Prophecy movie, which I highly recommend. There is this Spiritual field everywhere which is sending out Love to everyone. We can be part of this Love flowing by first being aware we are receiving It and then by sending it to others with our attention. The more we send out the more we become One with It.

  4. Seth MacLean

    Despite all our differences in our physical noses we breath the same ONE AIR.

  5. Pamela Harman Daugavietis

    Owen, I love your teachings and writings. Reading them always brings me back to where I want and need to be. Thank you for your generous sharing of your wisdom. They always seem to come at just the right time. Blessings to you.

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