The Nature of the Mind Belt

by Owen K Waters

Like fish in the sea, we exist in a medium which we hardly notice. In our case, it’s a medium of shared thought and feeling.

The Mind Belt is an atmosphere of human thought and feeling which surrounds the world. It sits, rather like a fog, upon the surface of the earth and is more intense in areas of dense population.

If your conscious mind were fully telepathic, you would be able to hear activity on this mental frequency band as noise, rather like thousands of people all talking at once. In such a case, you would tune out the noise entirely or just tune into a specific person or group of persons in order to exchange thoughts with them.

Your subconscious mind is fully telepathic. If someone is focusing on you with thoughts of harmful intent, it will alert you with a feeling of unease.

Your superconscious mind is also fully telepathic. It is aware of the thoughts of those around you and it also uses telepathic communication at the soul level to help set up interactions between you and people who would be of interest to your current aims and life purpose. This results in timely and coincidental meetings that we attribute to the phenomenon of synchronicity.

In the electrical world, the sounds of speech and music can be transmitted from a radio antenna to a receiving radio device. Such a system uses a carrier wave to make the transmission of sound possible. The mind belt also uses a carrier wave. Its thoughts and feelings are carried by an atmosphere of etheric energy.

Etheric energy is life energy. While electricity is a dense secondary energy, etheric energy is a subtle primary energy. Etheric energy is the main energy supplied to us by the Sun. It is carried from the Sun to us as one of the energies of physical light. When light hits the atmosphere and the surface of the world, the etheric part of it is stripped away and it remains in the atmosphere in order to support life on the planet. It also acts as a local carrier energy for the mental energies of the mind belt.

Awareness of the existence of the mind belt provides the key to how you can affect the world for the better in your role as a spiritual seeker with a sense of purpose. When you use the Love and Light technique to create a state of harmony for yourself and others, you send spiritually-conditioned life energy out into the world. This mentally-conditioned etheric energy is exactly the same as the substance of the mind belt.

This is how the Love and Light technique changes the world by empowering your ability to usher in the New Reality of love, light, and freedom of the spirit.

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