The Magic of the Light

In olden times, the impetus toward conscious evolution brought many people to the doorstep of magic.

This encompassed anything and everything of a non-physical nature. The power of the mind was then explored in ways that ancient Greece had never imagined, even though it was the cradle of rational thought and the expanded use of the mind in its day.

In the pursuit of magic, it became clear that mental pressure can control non-physical energies. Focused thought can attract energy, condition it, and direct it to a destination in order to achieve the desired effect.

That created a problem. The average person in those days would, given a power not enjoyed by others, use that power for advantage over others.

As a result, the enlightened schools of magic went underground. They could not be found by the idle seeker. There were external schools which taught simple, introductory material. They were actually gateways into the secret orders of the time, but only by people motivated enough to show dedication in an external school would be invited into the inner sanctum of learning.

When a student proved such dedication and, more importantly, their moral fiber, they were then allowed to learn the real power of magic.

Today, the rules are very different. We live in times of rapid change where a new and higher level of consciousness is unfolding. Gone is the need for secrecy, simply because there is no time for the old way of having students spend years proving themselves. Gone is the fear that a student will misuse the power they gain because the level of world consciousness has improved radically since the old days. Even though bad apples can still be found in many places, the average person today is a decent and caring individual.

Today, the secrets are out in plain view for all who wish to use them to improve themselves and the state of the world. Today, it is almost second nature for people to understand how to attract, condition, and send out light into the world. It is almost second nature for people to understand that the more which that passes through them, the more they will be raised in their own level of consciousness.

These truths are very near to the surface of human consciousness today, close enough for anyone intuitive to immediately grasp. What will help is an understanding of the nature of such energy and the laws that govern its behavior.

There is a science to the energy which inspires and heals with its light, one which will be covered in subsequent articles on the art and science of Light Magic.

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17 thoughts on “The Magic of the Light

  1. Wanda

    when using the love and light technique does this help to heal oneself emotionally and raise ones vibrational energy
    when thinking love and light and sending it directly to others I notice changes instantly, and it is also probably within myself as well
    looking forward to your feedback

    1. Owen K Waters Post author

      Yes, the act of sending out love and light to the world is a win-win situation.
      First, the love raises your own consciousness, then it affects the world in an uplifting manner.
      This is true Karma Yoga – the path to the divine through spiritual action.

  2. Tommy Kiefer

    I wanted to offer a different View of our connection to Energies and reality so to speak. Considering we’re just avatars in a holographic universe experiencing a perceived reality off the basis of our perception while, ultimately just Energy fractals or thoughts in the consciousness of the One. So, my understanding is, we are not surrounded by energy, we are the energy. We are everything and everything and everybody is us. In the higher dimensions, in our energy bodies, we don’t use labels or believe anything is seperate from just Being, the One. It can”t be, its impossible for anything we ever observe, to come from anywhere but source. This understanding is needed and will help with the ascension and 100 monkey effect. We need to truly know that there is Zero seperation in anything. Nothing can be separated from Source, Mother-Father God.
    This is why unconditional love for everything in exsistence is the only way.
    I look forward to your inspiring words and beautiful insights.

  3. Seth Maclean

    Love is a light in the mind and heart of a person.
    Any love expressed goes beyond our imagination because we don’t give it the necessary attention.
    It’s the love, that bonding force that molecules of hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water.
    Love brings together and expands.
    Love brings enlightenment.

  4. Bob Acquah

    The conciseness and clarity of the Article is marvelous.
    I think that when ever we mention Light we immediately see in our mind’s eye a pure scintillating white light.
    Will it be correct to say that we are the creators of this Light by the application of our God given abilities of Visualization. Pure unconditional Love, being the highest form of Energy as it is, is brought into ‘physical’ manifestation as Light and given direction to perform whatever Magic we seek to perform such as Healing, Transmutation of baser negative Emotions, such as Fear in all its forms, Selfishness anger, etc back into that Mighty Energy called LOVE. Such is the responsibility of the Light Worker.

  5. Davie Pfaffle

    Interesting about the secret magic is becoming more transparent and everyone is sharing all they can. We are all of the One Divine energy and we are all becoming more aware of this. Another way to say LightMagic is Spiritual Transformation that our species is going through. We can surrender to this Spirit energy in our meditations and feel Its Love. This is the only way I know of getting back home…

  6. Rev. Marlene O'Donovan

    I am a student and a teacher of “Truth” and the Light. It is the cure of all ills, personal and of the world. It is our tool to cure the world of negativity and fear and to fill all hearts with love and peace.. It will never weaken but will constantly grow stronger through all of us.

  7. Kenny Zee

    Many thanks for your continued efforts of teaching and support to others. (Service to others)
    As you write about the Light and refer also to the Ancient Mystery schools am I correct that the Light you are referring to is the is the White Light given to those who seek it from Gaia-Sophia our sentient earth?
    In other words her knowledge. Our connection to her may be much greater than I, we have ever imagined.

    1. Owen K Waters Post author

      The white light of etheric energy is all around you, rather like a white mist to those who can see such things. Although you could consider this energy of the Earth – it is, after all, here on earth – it actually originates from the Sun and fills the atmosphere around us.
      At a later time I will talk about a specific energy that the Earth offers to all spiritual seekers, and that is the violet fire of transmutation. This can be used to purify the aura before engaging in healing practices for the self, for others, and for the world.

  8. Pamela Harman Daugavietis

    All this has come to me at the perfect time, in a perfect way, so thank you, Own. I am so grateful for you, as I have learned so much from you over the years. Blessings to you and everyone here who expresses thoughts, feelings, experiences, insights for all of us to reflect on and ponder. I love the concept of Light, Laughter, Learning and Love that my dear friend Sister Sue Tracy lived shared throughout her life, and who passed into the Next Life this past June. I also love this version of Matthew 5 from The Message: ” You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. Be generous with your lives. Open up others to God.” And this from Edith Wharton (1862-1937) “There are many ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

  9. Trudy

    I love the idea of the mind belt.It helps me too not getting caught up in self judgement and self concern and be able to focus light and love for the well being of all. It makes me feel like a light warrior, not one living in fear and self pity and concern.

  10. jojo

    I venture to say that you actually are brilliant, Owen, in your Wholeness, as are we all. Let’s claim our brilliance with all the joy and appreciation and wonder we can embrace for this experience on Earth at this time of great awakening.
    Shine on all of you brilliant beings, Shine on!

  11. Elizabeth McCabe

    My feeling from your comment. I guess I feel allowing the light and love to grow in a dark part of your soul will help to dissolve and heal issues being kept alive in the darkness. Will help to prevail those issues to be worked on. The more the light expands the more light and love is available to you and the more you can give to others around you and the rest of creation. You can visualize the small flame growing and ask that feelings be revealed to you that are not for your highest good. All That Is will only reveal what you can handle at the time and do it a little at a time. Realize that there are many layers to an onion.

  12. Alice

    Thank you and bless you for all your uplifting articles and messages.
    After reading your article on Light and Love ,I had a dream where a small flame of pure light was beeing cradled in a cocoon of benevolent darkness to allow the light to mature and grow strong.
    Do opposing elements help each other to grow???

    1. Owen K Waters

      Your use of the term “benevolent darkness” is most interesting, Alice. It implies hidden support rather than the polar opposite of the light.

      There are great forces of light supporting spiritual seekers everywhere. Because we live in a world of free will, they often help in ways that are not obvious at first glance and only when you have taken some action yourself. Every step toward the light brings a helping hand in return.

      As a spiritual teacher, I often get ideas that make me think, “Wow, that’s brilliant!” Then, I remember that I’m not that brilliant at all, so the idea must have been popped into my head as a helping hand from the silent helpers in the realms above ours.

      If you ask yourself what the symbols meant in your dream, then forget about it for a while, you’ll probably find that the answer just pops into your head sometime later. Your curiosity will attract the answer, either from your higher self or from an angelic helper.

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