Effective Lightwork

by Owen K Waters

Sending love and light to the world is a powerful way to raise your own state of consciousness. The reason is simple; we are designed to act as channels for energy, not to have it come in, stop right there, and go nowhere. Nature never likes to stop. It always flows.

In the Love and Light technique, as you draw in energy from the surrounding area and then send it out to heal the world, you set up a state of flow that becomes more powerful with each intentioned and focused breath.

When light energy is directed toward a specific target, it can have remarkable effects. Instead of knowing that someone, somewhere will be helped by your efforts, you have a much closer idea of where your positive energy will take effect.

In early September, 2017, as Hurricane Irma tore a path of destruction through Caribbean islands and then bore down upon the heavily-populated State of Florida, many appeals went out for lightwork to help offset the worst of the upcoming threat. Many groups of lightworkers went into concerted action and many individuals passed along emails to others asking them to join in and help.

Hurricanes that head for Florida normally travel north up either its east coast or its west coast and keep churning with energy from the warm seawater as they rip their way through the coastal cities. If they eventually turn inland, they lose the energy of the warm sea and rapidly become less of a threat.

The extensive and focused efforts of lightworkers on Hurricane Irma produced a very different and unexpected picture. Instead of continuing to head for densely-populated Miami, Irma changed course, made landfall elsewhere, and promptly headed, not up either coast, but straight inland! Its former winds of 185 mph (295 km/h), already wound down to 130 mph, dropped rapidly after landfall. The threat to life and limb then shrank enormously compared to what had been expected from this gigantic hurricane.

The key to this enormous success in lightworker intervention was FOCUS. Focus on a specific target with a specific timescale. At the time, the timescale was “right NOW” because the threat was imminent. The result was a complete change from what was expected to a far more benign situation.

The power to change the world lies within your grasp. When you use the Love and Light technique or any other method of sending light energy out into the world on a daily basis, you feel the continual warmth of knowing that you are living the way that humans were designed to live – as channels for love and light.

When enough lightworkers come together to act as one in the face of an imminent crisis, we can make enough of a difference to what was expected and transform it into something that stands as an inspiration to lightworkers and potential lightworkers everywhere.

When the opportunity presents itself, focus is the key to effective lightwork.

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