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The Tipping Point

by Owen K Waters

The stages of the development of human consciousness range all the way from caveman to cosmic consciousness.

In the long journey through human evolution, there are six basic stages followed by six spiritual ones. Until modern times, reaching spiritual consciousness has always been a challenge for humanity. Today, however, humanity as a whole stands in the latter part of the fifth of the twelve stages. This is the mental or intellectual development stage.

Meanwhile, every day people are making the transition into stages six and seven. The Shift is gaining momentum as more and more people move into these stages, both of which are heart-centered in nature.

Stage six is the lower heart phase where community and world awareness awakens and stage seven is the upper heart phase of spiritual awakening. The doorway to spiritual consciousness is through the heart, when the person moves from stage six into stage seven.

Centuries ago, in Eastern cultures, spiritual aspirants had to dedicate themselves to long hours of daily meditation in order to reach that stage of spiritual awakening. Then, upon reaching it, they would become self-motivated to continue along the path of spiritual unfoldment.

Centuries ago, in Western cultures, the entryway into spiritual development was by adopting religious self-discipline. By limiting the diversion of selfish pursuits and focusing on deity worship, the aspirant could eventually become awakened to higher states of consciousness. Then, upon reaching that stage, they would become self-motivated to continue along the path of spiritual unfoldment.

Outwardly, the methods of finding spiritual illumination varied from East to West. The Eastern style was a more direct approach, while the Western style approached the same attunement with the Divine source differently. Both approaches required initial faith that the desired goal would be achieved after extensive effort.

Bear in mind that, in those days, spiritual seekers were very much in the minority. Most of the population were still too far from the spiritual stages of consciousness at that point to be interested in the possibility of spiritual pursuits.

Today, things are very different. Humanity as a whole stands one short step from the heart-centered consciousness that will trigger the main aspect of The Shift once critical mass is achieved. When enough people join the migration to New Reality consciousness, the tipping point will be reached and the world will be transformed.

Remember that every step you take to foster heart-centered consciousness within yourself affects the global mind atmosphere profoundly. Every time you remind a friend of their spiritual nature, you help the world move a little closer to that critical mass.

Tipping points are surprisingly easy to achieve. Just 7% of the population needs to become aware of a new trend, a new fashion or a new product in order for it to suddenly become a household word that everyone knows.

Imagine what it will mean for the whole world to pass this tipping point and suddenly know, understand, and practice seeing life through a heart-centered view of reality. Just hold that thought and give it your love and spiritual power.

Better yet, help others discover a way to create an enlightened space of consciousness for themselves while healing the world.

They can do this and help usher in the New Reality of love, light, and freedom of the spirit by practicing the Love and Light technique.

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Effective Lightwork

by Owen K Waters

Sending love and light to the world is a powerful way to raise your own state of consciousness. The reason is simple; we are designed to act as channels for energy, not to have it come in, stop right there, and go nowhere. Nature never likes to stop. It always flows.

In the Love and Light technique, as you draw in energy from the surrounding area and then send it out to heal the world, you set up a state of flow that becomes more powerful with each intentioned and focused breath.

When light energy is directed toward a specific target, it can have remarkable effects. Instead of knowing that someone, somewhere will be helped by your efforts, you have a much closer idea of where your positive energy will take effect.

In early September, 2017, as Hurricane Irma tore a path of destruction through Caribbean islands and then bore down upon the heavily-populated State of Florida, many appeals went out for lightwork to help offset the worst of the upcoming threat. Many groups of lightworkers went into concerted action and many individuals passed along emails to others asking them to join in and help.

Hurricanes that head for Florida normally travel north up either its east coast or its west coast and keep churning with energy from the warm seawater as they rip their way through the coastal cities. If they eventually turn inland, they lose the energy of the warm sea and rapidly become less of a threat.

The extensive and focused efforts of lightworkers on Hurricane Irma produced a very different and unexpected picture. Instead of continuing to head for densely-populated Miami, Irma changed course, made landfall elsewhere, and promptly headed, not up either coast, but straight inland! Its former winds of 185 mph (295 km/h), already wound down to 130 mph, dropped rapidly after landfall. The threat to life and limb then shrank enormously compared to what had been expected from this gigantic hurricane.

The key to this enormous success in lightworker intervention was FOCUS. Focus on a specific target with a specific timescale. At the time, the timescale was “right NOW” because the threat was imminent. The result was a complete change from what was expected to a far more benign situation.

The power to change the world lies within your grasp. When you use the Love and Light technique or any other method of sending light energy out into the world on a daily basis, you feel the continual warmth of knowing that you are living the way that humans were designed to live – as channels for love and light.

When enough lightworkers come together to act as one in the face of an imminent crisis, we can make enough of a difference to what was expected and transform it into something that stands as an inspiration to lightworkers and potential lightworkers everywhere.

When the opportunity presents itself, focus is the key to effective lightwork.

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The Principle of Spiritual Energy Generation

by Owen K Waters

As people become more interested in spirituality and how it can change the world and improve their lives, the understanding of spiritual energy becomes a key factor in their growth and development. This article explains the nature of spiritual energy and how it can be used in, for example, distance healing, world healing, or simply for enhancing meditation.

Like the principle of electrical generation, the principle of spiritual energy generation shows how a specific type of energy flow may be generated. In the case of electrical generation, a flow of electricity is created in a certain direction. In the case of spiritual energy generation, a flow of spiritual energy is created in a certain direction.

Spiritual energy is etheric energy conditioned by spiritual intent.

Etheric energy is a primary energy of the universe, while electric energy is a secondary, more dense form of energy. Etheric energy is also known by many other names around the world, including life energy, vital energy, prana, bioenergy, orgone, ki, chi or qi.

Etheric energy is no stranger. In fact, it’s as close as your fingertips. When seen against a light background with your eyes out of focus, etheric energy surrounds the ends of your fingertips like a ghostly aura.

For the last 5,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine, the vital pathways of etheric energy in the human body have been balanced using the healing modality of acupuncture. More recently, the electrical genius Nikola Tesla produced vast quantities of etheric energy using, apparently, very high frequency electricity as a method of attracting etheric energy out of the atmosphere. Because its behavior is very different from regular electricity, he referred to it as ‘cold electricity.’

Just as the atmosphere is filled with electrons, ready to be channeled through an electric generator, so is it also filled with etheric energy. All energies are supplied and replenished by the Sun, including the mental energy that forms the global mind atmosphere or mind belt around the Earth.

The mind belt is conditioned by the thoughts and emotions of humankind. Each person constantly attracts mental energy, conditions it by their thoughts and actions, and passes it back into the mind belt. Every one of us affects everyone else. A spiritual act – one which expresses unconditional love – by anyone anywhere upon the planet improves the mind belt of the whole planet. A destructive act by anyone anywhere upon the planet degrades the mind belt of the whole planet.

Etheric energy is a more subtle energy than electricity, and a more dense energy than mental energy. However, because of its vibrational proximity to mental energy, it responds readily to applied mental pressure.

The human mind can, through visualization and intent, attract etheric energy, condition it in any way desired, and then direct it towards any desired objective.

In 1831, at the dawn of the electrical era, visionary scientist Michael Faraday published his discovery of the law of electromagnetic induction. This law, or principle, states that an electric current will be induced in a conductor when it is moved across a magnetic field.

At the time, it seemed like the strangest thing in the world. Moving a conductor forward across a magnetic field would invoke an electrical current sideways in the conductor. This discovery showed that, with electrical generation, nothing happened in the same direction as anything else. All three directions in space were involved – a metal conductor that ran forward through a magnetic field that ran vertically, producing an electric current that ran sideways. It was truly awe-inspiring to those who saw this phenomenon clearly demonstrated for the first time. This discovery then opened the door to the generation of electricity in large quantities. As the idea was developed, electricity went on to replace steam as the working medium of the Industrial Revolution, and later gave birth to the field of electronics.

Today, the new frontier of discovery is in spiritual energy. Realizing that spiritual energy exists, and understanding how it can be attracted, conditioned and transferred, opens up a whole new realm of possibilities in humankind’s use of all types of God-given energies.

Both electric energy and etheric energy respond to pressure. In the case of electrical energy, voltage is the measure of electrical pressure. The more voltage you have available, the more electrical energy you can move through a circuit. In the case of etheric energy, the application of pressure via mental intent is similar to the principle of voltage. As a higher form of energy, etheric energy responds readily to mental pressure.

The more intense your intent, the more etheric energy you will move toward your intended objective. For example, if you are sending distance healing energy to a friend at another location, the stronger the pressure of your applied intent, the more healing energy you can generate and transfer to them.

There is a key difference between plain, unconditioned, etheric energy and spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is etheric energy conditioned by spiritual intent. In order to achieve the spiritual conditioning of etheric energy and transform it into spiritual energy, the individual’s consciousness has to first rise into the frequency range of spiritual consciousness.

In the human heart lies the doorway from material consciousness to spiritual consciousness. As explained in my book, “The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness,” there are two levels of heart-centered consciousness, and they resonate at different frequencies. It’s a yin and yang situation. The lower, passive level is heartfelt consciousness, where the person adjusts to the experience of unconditional love. The higher, active level is heart-powered consciousness, where the person puts that heart-centered awareness into action.

The doorway to spiritual consciousness is between those two levels of heart-centered awareness. There are two major tiers of human consciousness, each tier containing six stages. The basic tier has a materialistic focus and ranges from the earliest historical expression of human consciousness, all the way through the evolution of empowered action and achievement, and into heartfelt awareness. In this heartfelt state of consciousness, humans shift from supporting, for example, mindless commercial expansion into an awareness where the environment becomes an important issue.

Humans then progress into the second tier of six stages of human evolution. This is the spiritual tier and, by stepping into it, humankind today is making a quantum leap in awareness. This is the essential nature of The Shift that is transforming today’s society. As each human spends more and more time in the spiritual tier, they engage in more and more heart-powered action, changing the world through applied unconditional love.

The average person in Western society today is still in the commercial expansion stage of consciousness, and yet with one foot very much planted in the heartfelt consciousness of ecology issues. Meanwhile, today’s pioneers of The Shift are spending more and more time venturing into the spiritual tier of consciousness and, as a result, expanding the awareness of all of humanity.

In conclusion

The generation of spiritual energy is carried out through spiritual intent applied to the universal supply of etheric energy. The spiritual tier of consciousness begins with heart-powered consciousness and is entered through the doorway of the heart. The degree of intent determines the amount of etheric energy that will be conditioned into spiritual energy. Intent is also used to direct the spiritual energy towards the desired objective, such as distance healing, world healing, or simply for enhancing meditation.

In summary

The Principle of Spiritual Energy Generation states that spiritual energy is generated by the mental direction of etheric energy, conditioned by spiritual intent.

This article was written by Owen K Waters, author of “The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness.”

The Updated Edition is available via immediate download at:

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The Inspiration of Humanity

by Owen K Waters

The universe is designed to be reflective. Whatever you put out comes back to you. This is called the Law of Action and Reaction, the Law of Karma, or is simply referred to using the phrase, “What goes around comes around.”

However, in spiritual work, there is a way to increase what comes around. What goes around can actually come back as more than you gave, and this involves a paradox.

In your spiritual practices, you can generate a deep feeling of peace and inspiration; one which brings a wonderful sense of spiritual upliftment. For example, in your meditations, you may become inspired with a vision of a future world filled with peace and freedom for all.

You may see, in your mind’s eye, a future world where everyone on the planet is safe, and where you can journey to anywhere on the planet with ease. In this future, you see that everyone is consciously aware of their heart’s connection to the hearts of each and every other human being on the planet. In this supportive environment, everyone has complete freedom to express their unique creativity as their contribution to a loving society.

As you breathe deeply of the clean, fresh air in that vision of the future, you feel your connection to the Mother Earth and to the life-giving Sun which shines ceaselessly upon our world. Then, you send your love and gratitude to the Earth and the Sun, and wait in quiet anticipation as those great, conscious beings send their love and inspiration to you in return.

While in that state of deep inspiration, it occurs to you that most of humanity desperately needs this type of upliftment; that most souls on this planet today are starving in a self-created, spiritual wilderness. This brings you to the realization that you have the opportunity to be of service to humanity through an act of self-sacrifice; through an act of giving up that which you have in order to help others who would not otherwise be helped.

While in this state, the sense of unconditional love that you have for humanity virtually begs you to help those who are not yet equipped to do this for themselves. If you now give that state, that energy, that feeling of inspiration away and send it into the group consciousness of humanity, then you have created a vacuum within yourself.

By the law of action and reaction, that vacuum must be filled. However, an act of self-sacrifice in service to others has a side-effect: It raises the frequency of your consciousness higher than it was before. So, when the vacuum becomes filled with inspiration and upliftment from the universe, it is filled with an even higher frequency of consciousness than before.

Because of that, you will have become more inspired and more uplifted than ever before. By the act of sacrificing that which you had, you will actually gain more than you had before. Such is the paradox of love in action.

It is also the basis of the ancient path of Karma Yoga – the pathway to God through action and service.

By giving spiritual energy to humankind, you tread a pathway of spiritual action. This powerful pathway of giving what you have, in order to inspire others, is one that leads you to continually higher states of inspiration along your own spiritual path.

Make your life – and the world – a more peaceful and fulfilling place by practicing The Love and Light technique.

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The Path to Oneness

by Owen K Waters

Since the dawn of the mists of time, your immortal soul has had one great urge, and that is to reunite with the spiritual source from which you came. Along the way, you have realized that this means reaching out in spiritual service to humankind. Along the way, you have sensed that this giving of spiritual service is the very action which leads you along the pathway back to that from which you came.

By becoming your brother’s keeper in a spiritual way, you become more at one with all people and the source from which we all came. Through service to others, you also serve your own spiritual development. By loving and healing them through the use of spiritual energy, you help the spiritually blind to see the light within, you help the spiritually deaf to hear the whisperings of their souls, and you help the spiritually numb to revitalize their connection with God.

By sending them your love, by sending them your light, by helping them with this precious, spiritual energy of love and light, you heal their hearts, you heal their spirits, you heal their long-suffering souls, and you help them back onto the one great path back to Source, which we all yearn to tread.

That path is the road to reconnection to the Spirit within. That path is the one which brings you into conscious contact with the light within. That path is the reason you are here, the reason you chose to be born into a world where people feel disconnected from that very Source.

The details of how that path unfolds are unique for every individual. We all tread this path in our own way to reach the common goal of reconnection with the flame of the Spirit which shines within our hearts. It is this flame which silently beckons us on. It is this flame which lights the darkness in a world of great suffering. It is this flame which connects our souls to the one Source of all things.

When you go into the silence of meditation, even for a few moments, remember to end your session by helping the world. Dedicate your love and your light to world peace and freedom, then send this out from your heart into a world that desperately needs energy in a spiritual form.

Life energy is everywhere. Spiritually-conditioned life energy is in short supply because few people take the time to condition it with their intentions and send it out to heal the world. Once you condition the energy of life with love and light and send it out to the world, it reverberates within the global mind atmosphere of humanity, healing and uplifting many people. Its higher frequency imbues it with enormous power relative to the regular, everyday thoughts of humankind. The power of spiritual energy is such that it affects, not one, but hundreds of people at the same time.

Every time you use the Love and Light technique in dedication to world peace and freedom for all, you help hundreds of people to see life and its possibilities from a higher perspective.

When you intentionally heal the world in this way, you help many people who are not yet consciously aware of how to raise themselves up spiritually. These are people who are relying upon the enlightened vision of people like you, so that they may be helped in taking the next step into higher consciousness. So that they may be comforted and healed. So that they may gain their own conscious inner reconnection to the one Spirit from which they once came, so long ago, in the mists of time.

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The Vital Importance of Inner Alignment

by Owen K Waters

Many people in society today work at jobs they don’t like, and find themselves with little or no time for activities that increase the quality of their lives. Such people are being kept out of alignment with their inner selves.

Traditionally, society has pressured people into conformity. Peer pressure to conform to an immediate social group begins at school because, from an early age, people are taught that they should conform to outside standards.

In England, the phrase “know your place” is used as a put-down to someone who has started to become outstanding in some way. In Australia, the traditional phrase is “cut down the tall poppies.” In Japan, it is “The nail that sticks up shall be pounded down.”

However, this pressure towards conformity has been lessening in recent decades, and it will continue to lessen as people realize that there is strength in diversity. Diversity is natural. Conformity is unnatural. In the universe, every snowflake, every person, and even every proton is unique. Together, the sum of the parts makes up a perfect universe of infinite diversity.

Diversity is designed into the universe because the universe exists in order that Infinite Being, the All That Is, may gain an infinite variety of experiences. In the case of human beings as expressions of the one source, we have freewill so that we can makes choices. Making choices, and experiencing the results of those choices, is what human life is all about.

Inner alignment means becoming more of your true self. Your inner being is your true self, and by developing your inner potential, you express more and more of your true self.

In heart-centered, New Reality consciousness, mutual support is shared between people. That means that being different is good, developing personal skills is good, and exploring your own potential is good. Deep within, everyone is equal. However, in your unique form of expression in the outer world, you are different to everyone else. Not better or worse, not more-than or less-than; just different, because diversity is natural and is honored through mutual respect.

The New Reality of heart-centered consciousness is being built on this Earth, one person at a time. New Reality consciousness is a supportive and empowered state of consciousness, rather than the Old Reality consciousness of separation and fear.

When a person manifests their own unique, inner being, they become aligned in the way that a laser beam is aligned, rather than being scattered by external should’s and should-not’s. A beam of laser light is powerful because it is coherent, not scattered in different directions. Your outer consciousness becomes more powerful when it is aligned with your inner being, not scattered in different directions.

When many people in society become aligned in their own personal power, the whole becomes far more influential than the sum of the parts. In fact, it becomes exponentially more powerful.

When enough pioneers choose New Reality consciousness, there will come a day when their powerfully aligned influence will reach a critical mass. Then, it will transform the remainder of society and, suddenly, everyone will “get it.” Society, as a whole, will then realize that heart-centered consciousness is the way forward into creating its bright, new future.

You can speed up the day when The Shift to the New Reality happens and, in the meantime, make your life – and the world – a more peaceful and fulfilling place by practicing the Love and Light technique.

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The Helping Heart

by Owen K Waters

As you know, we are in the midst of a revolution in consciousness which is affecting everyone. The 80-20 rule states that 80% of any change is typically caused by 20% of the people. The 20% consists of the leading thinkers of the day, the trendsetters in consciousness.

In spiritual matters, leading-edge people are sometimes called lightworkers or old souls, indicating that they have learned more from their experiences through many incarnations. This advanced learning is stored as wisdom in their souls and they benefit from it consciously through intuitive inner guidance. The term ‘lightworker’ is synonymous with ‘spiritual seeker.’ You may or may not think of yourself as a lightworker but, if you’re reading material like this, then you fit the definition perfectly.

Today’s leading-edge thinkers planned ahead to be incarnate at this time in history to help make the essential positive changes in the world possible. Sociologists have now begun to recognize them as a major cultural group. A survey in 1995 by researchers Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson found that 24 percent of American adults had become what they termed Cultural Creatives.

In 2008, they repeated the survey and found that the number of Cultural Creatives had ballooned to 35 percent of the adult population. Imagine what would have happened if they had included the promising new Indigo children in their survey!

Well over eighty million Americans now fit the definition of a newly emerging type of humanity that has made a comprehensive upward shift in worldview, values and way of life. In Europe, the story is the same. A survey conducted in fifteen European countries in 1997 showed figures that were very similar to the United States.

So, in a societal setting, the term ‘leading-edge thinker’ actually applies to more than one in three of the people today. Oddly enough, the researchers noted, most of them don’t think of themselves as leading edge, nor do they typically realize how many other people are just like them.

The two categories of Cultural Creatives identified by Ray and Anderson fit exactly into the consciousness patterns of lower and upper fourth density, which is the realm of heart-centered consciousness. Note that, while our physical bodies are currently located in upper third density, our minds are free to soar through heart-centered fourth density and into fifth-density soul consciousness.

When a person moves from the third-density function of developing basic intellect into lower fourth density, their worldview expands and they become more aware of the needs of the greater community. They take into account the local and global effects of their own actions and the actions of others that they support. Environmental concerns, organic food, and peace-making concerns all come under this frequency band of consciousness.

While third-density consciousness produced ambitious individuals, the emerging fourth-density standard adds on the idea that the good of the many outweighs any self-centered ambitions of the few. The emerging new standard requires that actions include a degree of service to others rather than the old standard, which was blind ambition for growth simply for the objective of growth, regardless of what such actions might take away from others. This sense of societal awareness and responsibility is a function of today’s lower fourth-density consciousness.

The next step, as outlined in my book, The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness, occurs when people move from lower to upper fourth-density consciousness. This can be referred to as a passing through the gateway of the heart. It brings them into the first level of spiritual awareness, where they become more concerned with inner development and enlightenment.

Leading thinkers are simply people whose normal frequency of consciousness is higher than the current average. The higher your frequency, the greater your awareness and the greater your ability to lead change by showing others how to resolve the challenges in life by raising their own consciousness.

The spiritual, heart-centered consciousness of upper fourth density brings with it the desire to help and heal others. It is this desire, fueled by the unconditional love energy that flows throughout this universe, which leads you to the most powerful, balanced method of spiritual development in existence today – spiritual service to others.

This method might at first seem to be a paradox when you realize that the secret to your own rapid spiritual growth is not what you do to develop yourself that counts, but what you do to help others. Spiritual service to others brings an immediate reflection from the karmic mirror of life and you advance automatically in a balanced and graceful manner.

Spiritual development comes as the karmic reaction from helping others in spiritual ways. Helping them to understand the spiritual nature of reality is a first step. Helping them to understand the metaphysical laws of the universe is another step. Helping them to learn how to routinely raise their consciousness by going within for reflection is a vital step.

Best of all, helping others discover a way to create an enlightened space of consciousness for themselves while healing the world puts them on the fast track of spiritual development.

Then, they can help usher in the New Reality of love, light, and freedom of the spirit by practicing the Love and Light technique.

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Energy Follows Thought

by Owen K Waters

To make things happen in Harry Potter’s fictional world of magic, you need a wand and a Latin-sounding incantation, such as “Oculus Reparo” to repair broken eyeglasses or “Wingardium Leviosa” to levitate objects.

In the real world of Light Magic, you need no wand and no Latin dictionary. You need only will and imagination.

Because physical eyes don’t see etheric life energy, you use your imagination to “see” the energy and the path you need it to travel. Then, your focused will directs that energy to travel to the desired destination because energy follows thought.

For example, you can use the Love and Light technique to create an enlightened space of consciousness for yourself and heal the world at the same time.

The Love and Light Technique

You can use this several times a day – whenever the need arises – to take a pause to refresh your state of consciousness. Any time you get the chance to enter a quiet space within for a few moments without distraction, you can begin by focusing on your breath.

Imagine, with each in-breath, the air you breathe in is filled with brilliant, energy-charged light. Breathe this light energy into the heart area in the center of your chest.

Then, on each out-breath, mentally focus on the words,

“Love and light to the world.”

Breathe in light, then let it out into the world, conditioned with the intention of love and light. Repeat at least twice more… and many more times when you can.

Helping to fill the world with love and light changes your own state of consciousness and gives healing to the world in these desperate times of crisis.

And, yet, with crisis comes opportunity – the opportunity to become who you really are, to manifest your soul’s true mission in life.

How It All Works

In today’s busy world of information overload, it is a rare luxury to be able to focus your intention upon any one thing for a long period of time. The Love and Light technique recognizes this and takes just seconds – minutes at most – to refocus your consciousness into a space befitting a spiritual seeker and lightworker.

Let’s face it. This is what we lightworkers are here to do. To change the world and make it a better place. The Love and Light Technique empowers your ability to help humanity, to usher in the New Reality of love, light, and freedom of the spirit.

White light is a combination of all frequencies of light. Whatever specific sub-frequency may benefit the people who receive your light, it will be available to them in your all-frequencies package.

Imagining light as being brilliant intensifies your ability to draw etheric energy out of the mists of etheric space and gather it into a useful package. So, think brilliant white light for the best results.

The Love and Light technique specifies “the heart area in the center of your chest” as the place to breathe energy in and send it out. With knowledge of the chakra energy centers in the human body, you will already have recognized that this area corresponds to the location of the primary heart chakra.

The heart chakra is a small sphere of brilliant white light four inches (ten centimeters) in front of the center of your chest. It is here that the frequency of heart-centered consciousness is focused. To more easily condition thoughts with unconditional love energy, we consciously engage the region of the heart chakra.

After you breathe in light and then let it out into the world, you are directing that energy through the power of thought to travel into the mind belt where it will be available to those who need it the most.

It will travel as directed because etheric energy responds immediately to pressures exerted upon it by its close relative, mental energy.

Energy follows thought.

And that is why you don’t need a wand or a Latin dictionary to make magic happen.

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How the Hundredth Monkey Effect Works

by Owen K Waters

In 1981, author Ken Keyes popularized a concept which had been introduced a little earlier by biologist Lyall Watson. The “Hundredth Monkey” effect postulated that, when enough monkeys – or people – catch on to a better way of doing things, then the idea suddenly spreads into the awareness of many others.

The most remarkable aspect of this concept is that no physical contact or proximity is required for a new idea to travel from one group of people to another.

The story began when Japanese primatologists, who were studying Macaque monkeys in the wild in the 1950s, stumbled upon a surprising phenomenon. On the island of Koshima, scientists were providing monkeys with sweet potatoes dropped in the sand. The monkeys liked the taste of the raw sweet potatoes, but they found the dirt unpleasant.

A young female monkey found she could solve the problem by washing the potatoes in a nearby stream. She taught this trick to her mother. Her playmates also learned this new way and they taught their mothers too.

Gradually, between 1952 and 1958, all the young monkeys and some of the adults learned to wash the sandy sweet potatoes to make them more palatable.

Then, suddenly in the autumn of 1958, a certain number of Koshima monkeys were washing sweet potatoes. The exact number is not known, but as Lyall Watson speculated, suppose that there were 99 monkeys on Koshima Island who had learned to wash their sweet potatoes. Then further suppose that later that morning, the hundredth monkey learned to wash potatoes.

That’s when it happened! That day, almost everyone in the tribe was washing sweet potatoes before eating them. The added energy of this “hundredth” monkey surmounted the tipping point.

Then, we get to the really interesting part. The habit of washing sweet potatoes then jumped over the sea! Colonies of monkeys on other islands and the mainland troop of monkeys at Takasakiyama began washing their sweet potatoes.

Although the exact number may vary, this Hundredth Monkey phenomenon means that when only a limited number of people know of a new way, it may remain the conscious property of these people. But, there is a point at which if only one more person tunes into a new awareness, a field is strengthened so that this awareness is picked up by almost everyone.

The mechanism for this transference of ideas works the same way for monkeys as it does for all sentient beings. We exist within a global atmosphere of consciousness – a mind belt. The human brain is constantly receiving and transmitting mental pictures and information to and from that mental atmosphere in which we are immersed.

The mind belt, otherwise known as Jung’s collective unconscious, does not cease to function because a few skeptics don’t like its effects. It functions just like it always has, passing information from one individual to another based upon their common frequency of consciousness. If progressive monkeys had a new idea, then so did other progressive monkeys on other islands. They resonated at the same frequency of consciousness.

Given enough mental support, a new concept telepathically jumps to other groups via the mind belt.

When enough people have gone through their personal version of The Shift to the new consciousness, then a critical mass will form and suddenly everyone will become aware of the New Reality and its heart-centered values.

That is the day when heart-centered values will become the focus of everyday thinking for the vast majority of people. That is the day when humanity will begin to look back on what has changed and realize that a massive shift has occurred, one that will be simply referred to as The Shift.

You can speed up the day when the big “Hundredth Monkey” effect takes place and, in the meantime, you can make your life – and the world – a more peaceful and fulfilling place by practicing the Love and Light technique.

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The Nature of the Mind Belt

by Owen K Waters

Like fish in the sea, we exist in a medium which we hardly notice. In our case, it’s a medium of shared thought and feeling.

The Mind Belt is an atmosphere of human thought and feeling which surrounds the world. It sits, rather like a fog, upon the surface of the earth and is more intense in areas of dense population.

If your conscious mind were fully telepathic, you would be able to hear activity on this mental frequency band as noise, rather like thousands of people all talking at once. In such a case, you would tune out the noise entirely or just tune into a specific person or group of persons in order to exchange thoughts with them.

Your subconscious mind is fully telepathic. If someone is focusing on you with thoughts of harmful intent, it will alert you with a feeling of unease.

Your superconscious mind is also fully telepathic. It is aware of the thoughts of those around you and it also uses telepathic communication at the soul level to help set up interactions between you and people who would be of interest to your current aims and life purpose. This results in timely and coincidental meetings that we attribute to the phenomenon of synchronicity.

In the electrical world, the sounds of speech and music can be transmitted from a radio antenna to a receiving radio device. Such a system uses a carrier wave to make the transmission of sound possible. The mind belt also uses a carrier wave. Its thoughts and feelings are carried by an atmosphere of etheric energy.

Etheric energy is life energy. While electricity is a dense secondary energy, etheric energy is a subtle primary energy. Etheric energy is the main energy supplied to us by the Sun. It is carried from the Sun to us as one of the energies of physical light. When light hits the atmosphere and the surface of the world, the etheric part of it is stripped away and it remains in the atmosphere in order to support life on the planet. It also acts as a local carrier energy for the mental energies of the mind belt.

Awareness of the existence of the mind belt provides the key to how you can affect the world for the better in your role as a spiritual seeker with a sense of purpose. When you use the Love and Light technique to create a state of harmony for yourself and others, you send spiritually-conditioned life energy out into the world. This mentally-conditioned etheric energy is exactly the same as the substance of the mind belt.

This is how the Love and Light technique changes the world by empowering your ability to usher in the New Reality of love, light, and freedom of the spirit.

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Etheric Light Energy

by Owen K Waters

When we talk of sending light out into the world, we are referring to a subtle energy, empowered and conditioned by spiritual intent.

Etheric energy is life energy. It is the energy that passes from spiritual healer to patient. It is the vitality or life force contained within air, water and food. It is the mystery energy which powers the endless orbit of electrons in their atoms and planets around their suns. More subtle than electricity, etheric energy is the life force that streams toward us from the Sun, energizing and motivating all forms of life.

Etheric energy has been known by many other names – prana, life energy, vital life force, chi or qi, orgone, universal life force, odic force, cold electricity, scalar energy, tachyon energy, radiant energy; the list goes on.

Cosmologists – scientists who study the structure of the universe – are actually on the trail of etheric energy. They have detected its presence in the cosmos through its gravitational side-effects, but they haven’t been able to see it, so they call it ‘dark energy.’ The existence of dark energy – and its related dark matter – is one of the great, unanswered mysteries of science today. According to the observed movements of galaxies, it is calculated that 23% of the universe consists of dark matter and 73% of the universe consists of dark energy.

The universe, it would seem, is filled with unseens. At least, to the limited capabilities of physical eyes. When a cosmologist stares at a clear, night sky, wondering where all the missing energy and matter is in the inky blackness of the depths of space, it would come as a surprise to them if they knew that a clairvoyant – a person who has developed the ability to see subtle energies – sees the same night sky very differently.

It may sound unconventional, even rebellious to tradition, to suggest that a scientist should ask a clairvoyant what they perceive, but it has been done before, and with breakthrough results. For example, in the mid 1800s, one of the top research scientists of all time did exactly this. Carl von Reichenbach had heard that clairvoyants can see a subtle energy of which science was unaware. The fact that he, like most people, lacked clairvoyant vision did not deter him. Such a minor complication was not to be an obstacle to his curiosity and his desire to understand this new form of energy.

So, for his experiments, he hired a group of skilled clairvoyants to describe to him what they could see. He cataloged the appearance and behavior of etheric energy, which he called the ‘odic force,’ around substances such as magnets, crystals, wood and metals.

Today, a cosmologist could, if they dared to be that adventurous, ask a skilled clairvoyant what they see in the clear, night sky. The clairvoyant would report that they see the etheric energies that surge through the universe. To their subtle perception, etheric energy does not appear in the least bit dark. In fact, it glows brightly with the light of its own life energy. To them, the night sky is filled with a brilliant interplay of pure and magical, etheric light.

Etheric energy is one of the three fundamental types of energy in the universe. These three energies are electric, magnetic and etheric. Electric energy operates at a right angle to magnetic energy. The third energy of Creation, etheric energy, operates at yet another right angle to the other two.

Physical matter is made from electro-magnetism, which is the interplay of electric and magnetic energies. Etheric matter is quasi-physical, i.e. solid only to the subtle senses, and it is made from ethero-magnetism, which is the interplay of etheric and magnetic energies.

Etheric energy and etheric matter are the missing components in today’s cosmology. Etheric energy is the mysterious ‘dark energy’ and etheric matter is the mysterious ‘dark matter.’ Knowing that it can be seen by the subtle senses certainly makes it a more immediate candidate for study and research.

The possibilities for research into this fledgling field are almost unlimited. For example, many of Nikola Tesla’s experiments involved a strange new form of energy that he called “cold electricity.” When his experiments are reviewed in the light that cold electricity is none other than etheric energy, then they begin to make a lot more sense.

Etheric energy is the third energy of Creation. It is not a form of electricity. Etheric energy and electric energy share the common bond of interacting with magnetic energy. They bring to life the magnetic fabric of space when they intertwine with it to invoke physical electro-magnetic energy and quasi-physical ethero-magnetic energy.

To those in the ancient healing traditions, etheric energy is the life force of acupuncture, qigong, Reiki, and other forms of life-supporting practices. To the lightworker today, it is the medium through which we can transform ourselves and heal the world using the Love and Light Technique.

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The Magic of the Light

In olden times, the impetus toward conscious evolution brought many people to the doorstep of magic.

This encompassed anything and everything of a non-physical nature. The power of the mind was then explored in ways that ancient Greece had never imagined, even though it was the cradle of rational thought and the expanded use of the mind in its day.

In the pursuit of magic, it became clear that mental pressure can control non-physical energies. Focused thought can attract energy, condition it, and direct it to a destination in order to achieve the desired effect.

That created a problem. The average person in those days would, given a power not enjoyed by others, use that power for advantage over others.

As a result, the enlightened schools of magic went underground. They could not be found by the idle seeker. There were external schools which taught simple, introductory material. They were actually gateways into the secret orders of the time, but only by people motivated enough to show dedication in an external school would be invited into the inner sanctum of learning.

When a student proved such dedication and, more importantly, their moral fiber, they were then allowed to learn the real power of magic.

Today, the rules are very different. We live in times of rapid change where a new and higher level of consciousness is unfolding. Gone is the need for secrecy, simply because there is no time for the old way of having students spend years proving themselves. Gone is the fear that a student will misuse the power they gain because the level of world consciousness has improved radically since the old days. Even though bad apples can still be found in many places, the average person today is a decent and caring individual.

Today, the secrets are out in plain view for all who wish to use them to improve themselves and the state of the world. Today, it is almost second nature for people to understand how to attract, condition, and send out light into the world. It is almost second nature for people to understand that the more which that passes through them, the more they will be raised in their own level of consciousness.

These truths are very near to the surface of human consciousness today, close enough for anyone intuitive to immediately grasp. What will help is an understanding of the nature of such energy and the laws that govern its behavior.

There is a science to the energy which inspires and heals with its light, one which will be covered in subsequent articles on the art and science of Light Magic.

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